On the road
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We strive to ensure the safety of passengers and our teams:
• Cars are revised after every ride.
• Our conduct an alcohol test before each ride for incentive (tolerance is not permitted).
• A team continuously monitors cars, which are also located by GPS.
• Depending on the season, the cars are equipped with winter tires.
• We reserve the right of cancellation possible outputs, if we consider that the conditions are not met to ensure the safety of participants or teams of "Drive-Bohemia".

The rules of the road in Central Europe is similar to that in force in other European states:
• right-hand traffic • mandatory safety belts in cities and outside cities,
• maximum permitted speed: 50 km / h in urban areas, 130 km / h on motorways and 90 km / h on other roads (limitation depending on weather conditions)
• No alcohol allowed while driving (0.0 g per liter of blood)
• Mandatory DRL throughout the year and the day.